Leader – Downtube Decals

leader-downtube-decal-packs1 leader-downtube-decal-packs2 leader-downtube-decal-packs3If you think your LEADER frame looks too bare. LEADER bikes has released a 2-set downtube decal pack for you to purchase and stick on your own !

Available in a variety of colours @ Cog House.





Brotures are opening their third Fixed Gear shop in the great city of Osaka, Japan. The new shop will have three floors… making it the biggest Fixed Gear shop in Japan. In celebration of this historic event, Brotures Osaka is having a grand opening party on April 27th @ 7pm.

Brotures Osaka
1-19-22 Minamihorie Nishi-ku
Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan”

Article via PDLCON


The RHC x GIRO gloves just went up for sale on Gage+deSoto‘s page! Get them before they’re out!!

The insanely popular Giro DND (Down N Dirty) gloves get the RHC 2013 treatment.

We’ve yet to find a more durable, versatile or comfortable glove for any cycling situation.

Photo via Gage+desoto

DND_1_of_5_1024x1024 DND_2_of_5_1024x1024 DND_3_of_5_1024x1024 DND_4_of_5_1024x1024 DND_5_of_5_1024x1024

Luxe Wheelworks

I’m a fan of a great wheelset, be it custom built or factory built. Justin Spinelli runs a shop which he himself personally chooses the parts and builds each wheel by hand.  He also has an amazing blog which he documents each build he does with amazing pictures. Here are some of them.

I am Justin Spinelli. I’d like to use my Pro-Tour racing experience and mechanical skills to design and assemble your next pair of wheels. I work with only the finest material and have been crafting wheels to exacting standards since 1996.

img_0710 img_0965 img_1326 tumblr_md4iinbZCy1qbgu17

Photos by Justin Spinelli via Blogspot.