So I was browsing for bike racks and I came across this company called quarterre, apparently they make furniture that to me looks very artistic and not out of place for bicycles.

They have 3 products now; the branchline, shadow and hood. I think they look great and have a very contemporary and yet vintage feel to it. Check them out.

Photos via quarterre.

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Oliver Sweeney introduces The Compass Collection with shoes inspired by bicycle frames. Made with leather from England, these side stitched sneakers feature triple row stitching and shark’s tooth detailing with a reversed welt. The unique reinforcement patches on the toes are meant for additional protection when using toe clips and straps. Now available online.

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Photos via Selectism.



Brooks England is known for their leather saddles and vintage products but in June 2013, they’re going to introduce their first non-leather saddle! Made from flexible natural rubber and an organic cotton top, enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience. Honestly, I don’t really care about what it’s made from, Brooks are known for their legendary longevity and how their saddles can conform to your gluteus maximus beautifully. I want to try this out so much. If you want to try it out as much as I do. Brooks is looking for 100 testers worldwide to be the first to test their bottoms on this revolutionary saddle.

Brooks will select 100 individuals worldwide to participate in a final testing phase working up to the release of the Cambium. For consideration, please register by completing a short, 20-question survey.

The individuals selected will include men and women of differing body type and age, using a variety of bicycles, and importantly:

-33 will be long-time users of Brooks Leather Saddles
-33 will be cyclists using both Brooks Leather Saddles and other saddles
-34 will be cyclists who have never used a Brooks Leather Saddle

Should you register and not be chosen for the test, please be aware that all registrants receive a 10% discount to the Brooks online shop and become eligible for other special offers.

Photos via headsetpress.