Leader – Downtube Decals

leader-downtube-decal-packs1 leader-downtube-decal-packs2 leader-downtube-decal-packs3If you think your LEADER frame looks too bare. LEADER bikes has released a 2-set downtube decal pack for you to purchase and stick on your own !

Available in a variety of colours @ Cog House.



Leader Bikes x DKlein T-Shirt

leader-bikes-t-shirt-by-dklein1 leader-bikes-t-shirt-by-dklein2 leader-bikes-t-shirt-by-dklein3 leader-bikes-t-shirt-by-dklein4

So Leader finally got their t-shirts online and available via Coghouse. Designed by Dklein of Cadence in preparation for the Red Bull Ride + Style.

“A Leader Bikes t-shirt featuring a unique look on our name designed by Dklein (Dustin Klein) of Cadence.”

Photos via Matt Lingo