Plume – Recoiling Bicycle Mudguard

plume-recoiling-bicycle-mudguardThere are so many types of mudguards now in the market, but I think this new one called  Plume is probably the most portable and lightest one (for the weight weenies). Check it out in action HERE!

Plume is a recoiling bicycle mudguard. It hides in plain sight, and still looks great when it’s covered in mud. We’re pretty excited about this.

Today, many mudguards are made from chunky, brittle plastic. They suck the life out of your bicycle and then they break. We’re not trying to be debbie downers here, but something needs to change.

Allow us to introduce Plume. Built from resilient materials like stainless steel, Plume will stay loyal for years. And when the ground is dry, it can recoil into a small circle under your saddle. It’s also super fun to use.”


photos via pdlcon.


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