Rapha founder – Graeme Raeburn and British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn who are actually brothers have teamed up to launch RAPha x RAEBURN S/S 2013 collaboration line. The S/S 2013 features packable wind jackets, a lightweight merino henley and cycle jeans all designed and produced in England.

rapha-raeburn-ss13-01 rapha-raeburn-ss13-02 rapha-raeburn-ss13-03 rapha-raeburn-ss13-07 rapha-raeburn-ss13-08 rapha-raeburn-ss13-09 rapha-raeburn-ss13-10 rapha-raeburn-ss13-11 rapha-raeburn-ss13-12 rapha-raeburn-ss13-15 rapha-raeburn-ss13-16


One thought on “RAPHA x RAEBURN S/S 2013

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