Barbumps: Customize Your Bar to Relieve Hand Pressure

Check out this new kickstarter project for cyclists! It seems that more and more cyclists are turning entrepreneurs and designers starting their own kicktstarters to help fellow cyclists with their ergonomic problems that major companies are too busy to solve trying to make their frames stiffer, lighter and more expensive.

Here we have a very simple product, a very simple addition. If you’re into gaming, think of the Barbumps as the Razer Ouroboros or Razer Naga. The ability to change or add a simple ergonomically formed plastic to fit to the shape of your palms and make your life much more comfortable when using the mouse.

Barbumps is as simple as that! You simply add a piece of bump underneath your bartape to form the shape that fits your hands best and voila!

If you’re in favor of this kickstarter, why don’t you head over to their kickstarter page and support them now!

Photos via Kickstarter

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