King of the Hill 2013 – Singapore

With King of the Hill 2013 now behind us, the King is now crowned and waiting to be re-crowned for another year. But before I turn your attention to the King and the prizes sponsored by many. I thought I’d bring you a selection of great photos from Chee BPAhmad Danial Irfan and Azrie Halimi. This gallery features images from the King of Hill 2013, the struggling faces of plenty who climbed what seemed to be an impossible feat and the faces of those who brought together a very difficult task of organizing and bringing everything together.

If you don’t know what King of the Hill is, it is a yearly race organised by Team Kayuh Kuat Kuat (KKK) with about 40-60 riders racing one by one, up a hill or steep slope, time-trial style and the fastest rider with the fastest time (well duh) is crowned the King of the Hill. The previous year’s King of the Hill was held at Mount Faber. This year’s location was only released 2 days before the race event, giving just enough time for riders to test drive the hill. Unbeknownst to all, the location was released on facebook at 0000 hours and was at Lorong Sesuai.

The winner of this year’s King of the Hill is Zachary.

Well enough of the chatter, check out the gallery below. What you see is what you get.

Photos by Chee BPAhmad Danial Irfan and Azrie Halimi

tumblr_mkvb6awEkv1r51spio9_r1_1280The winning trophy.

tumblr_mkvb6awEkv1r51spio6_1280A helper staples the number tags to the top tube of the participant’s bikes.tumblr_mkvb6awEkv1r51spio8_1280The amount of people that came for the event – riders, family members, random strangers and friends.tumblr_mkvb6awEkv1r51spio10_1280The amount of brute pushing and pulling force is too much for his fork. (Please note he was using another brand of fork.)tumblr_mkyz0omCje1r51spio2_1280The last 5 seconds at the start of the hill before they race up. 549147_511012265607442_1948532069_nZachary stares ahead and pushes up the steep slope. 6663_511011538940848_1574344030_nAnother rider pushes with all his might up the steep slope as the audience just sits down unknowingly to the pain his lactic acid is doing to his thighs. 625590_511011082274227_1550333952_nA rider struggles to go up the slope by riding side to side in an S-shaped manner. 533994_511011738940828_1662382738_nA Kagero 2013 with Corima Trispoke, a beauty. 64410_10151609596639458_1365160808_nI kid you not, this slope is tough. 35036_10151610835709458_1230575624_nOnlookers cheer for a rider with a giant leaf found nearby. 531932_10151610389744458_1523811233_nPushing… Pushing… Push!! 164986_10151610984544458_1757443116_nScreaming and pushing up the hill with all his might. 12857_10151611089284458_403037960_nIf you can’t push, cars that are going up the steep slope for who knows what will scare you from the back and push you up. 547940_511012602274075_413059895_nThe King of the Hill 2013, Zachary as he holds all of his prizes next to his mom who came all the way down to see him compete. 733809_511012682274067_1653610123_nSmile stretched from ear to ear. 150451_10151580701240351_119427232_nThe placing. 374431_10151609478994458_219311795_nThe organisers, riders, participants, random strangers, sponsors and just your usual weird people.


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