King of Velocity 2013 Singapore

I just covered the King of Velocity 2013 event in Singapore which included riders like Faz Adhili of T-Level and Hacheon Park from Leader Bikes USA. It was the first ever indoor ‘fixie’ race in a mall! It’s basically a course with ramps and curves from within the mall all the way out right in front of the mall. I’m glad that the fixed gear community here in Singapore is taking shape, it has caught the eye of Yahoo Sports! Read all about the event here on Yahoo Sports. Don’t forget to check out the video of the finalists having a go at the course in the next post!

562199_10151562449220351_890910088_n 402984_10151562451225351_513966657_n 484062_10151562449520351_863656610_n 480116_10151562451365351_1944586002_n 73776_10151562452505351_1197119547_n 526476_10151562452815351_2031448320_n 221608_10151562455600351_1868539182_n 7267_10151562452965351_745185350_n 527736_10151562465905351_1299353624_n


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