Levi’s Commuter Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Check out Levi’s Commuter Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook.

It features riders from the Cinelli MASH Team like Garrett Chow and Chas Christiansen!

levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-1-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-3-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-2-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-5-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-4-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-7-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-6-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-8-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-10-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-9-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-12-630x419 levis-commuter-2013-spring-lookbook-11-630x419

Photos via High Snobiety.


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